Yemen’s president reiterated his government’s support to the current UN-led peace efforts to end the war and accused the Iran-backed Houthis and Tehran of intensifying the suffering of the Yemenis through their military escalation.

During his first meeting with the UN’s new special envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg, President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi urged the international community to put an end to the threats to maritime navigation in the Red Sea posed by the Houthis, who have planted naval mines.

The president also urged the militia to cease the shelling of vital civilian facilities such as Mocha port and their resistance to maintaining the floating oil tanker SAFER.

On Thursday Libya’s National Oil Corp. (NOC) said that a blockade of the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil terminals had ended and that export operations had returned to normal.
Protesters at those two ports and another, Hariga, had been blocking exports since last week and demanding jobs for local people. NOC said on Wednesday that operations had also resumed at Hariga.
A company statement said that NOC’s chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, had held talks with local elders who had helped to end the protests.
Security issues in Libya, where a fragile peace process has installed a unity government, have repeatedly threatened to undermine oil output that has topped 1.3 million barrels per day (bpd) this year.

On Thursday despite the threat of possible US sanctions, Hezbollah has arranged up to 80 oil tankers carrying Iranian diesel fuel to arrive in Lebanon via Syria

The tankers are destined for Baalbek, about 67 kilometers northeast of Beirut, where the fuel will be discharged into tankers owned by the Iran-backed Hezbollah. The group has also organized a ceremony to celebrate the shipment, which is expected to contain 3 million liters of fuel.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the militant group, said in August that an Iranian fuel tanker will sail toward Lebanon “within hours,” warning Israel and the US not to intercept it. The move, Hezbollah said, was to help ease Lebanon’s crippling fuel shortage that has paralyzed the country for weeks.

On Monday Hopes rose of progress in the Palestinian peace process after landmark new talks between the leaders of Egypt and Israel.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh for discussions that focused on Palestinian-Israeli relations. It was the first official visit to Egypt by an Israeli head of government for a decade.
The two leaders discussed “efforts to revive the peace process” between the Palestinians and Israelis, presidential spokesman Bassam Radi said. El-Sisi “affirmed Egypt’s support for all efforts to achieve comprehensive peace in the Middle East, according to the two-state solution,” he said.

In a speech on the sidelines of the discussion session “Human Rights: Present and Future,” part of the National Human Rights Strategy Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the Muslim Brotherhood has been eating away at the mind and body of Egypt for 90 years.

El-Sisi said groups like the Brotherhood gnawed at the state and created a culture of doubt and mistrust, and he warned against allowing countries to be destroyed from within, creating millions and refugees and generations of extremists, and releasing untold damage on the wider region for decades.

Egypt’s National Human Rights Strategy is designed…

On Friday a Sudanese military plane crashed in the White Nile south of the capital, Khartoum, killing all onboard, authorities said
Authorities retrieved three bodies of officers, including a lieutenant colonel, the prime minister’s office said in a statement.
Search efforts were still ongoing for others who were onboard when the plane crashed near Al-Shegilab on Wednesday, according to the statement.
No further details were released, including how many people were onboard.
The crash was the latest involving a military plane in Sudan, where aircraft crashes are common mostly due to poor aviation safety record.

Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed and Deputy Director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Ahmed Ogwell have met to discuss cooperating to provide coronavirus vaccines to African countries.

Khaled Mujahid, official spokesman for the health ministry, said that the meeting discussed Egypt’s strategy to manufacture vaccines locally and export these to African countries.

Mujahid said that the minister affirmed Egypt’s readiness to provide vaccines to Africa in parallel with achieving national self-sufficiency, in accordance with the directives of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

On Wednesday Syrian regime forces entered part of a southern city retaken from holdout rebels under a ceasefire deal brokered by government ally Russia, official media and a war monitor said.
Daraa province and its capital of the same name, the cradle of Syria’s uprising, returned to government control in 2018 under a previous Moscow-backed ceasefire.
But rebels remained in some areas, including the southern part of the city called Daraa Al-Balad.

Health officials said more than 700 people died in Yemen’s southern city of Aden in August following the third wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the war-torn country.

Based on burial permits from the city’s civil records office, 705 people died in August in Aden compared to 535 in July.

In 2020, 510 and 514 died in Aden in August and July, respectively. During normal days, the city’s civil records office records roughly 250 deaths per month.

Yemeni health officials and experts called for more studies and investigations into the sudden surge in deaths in Aden and the other Yemeni cities.

For the environmental activist, the reason the once swirling Sirwan River has dwindled to a trickle lies across the border in Iran, which he says is “controlling all” of the river’s water.
With this year’s lack of rainfall, Iraq is badly short of water, and officials trying to revive rivers like the Sirwan say lower flows from upstream neighbors Iran and Turkey are worsening home-grown problems such as leaks, ageing pipes and illegal siphoning off of supplies.


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