Egypt plans high-tech leap

Egypt’s new capital on the outskirts of Cairo, residents will use smart cards and apps to unlock doors and make payments, and surf the web on public Wi-Fi beamed from lampposts.
A network of at least 6,000 cameras will monitor activity on every street, tracking pedestrians and vehicles to regulate traffic and report suspicious activity.
Its “smart city” design is a world away from parts of the existing sprawling capital.
The city being built from scratch in the desert — so far called the New Administrative Capital — is designed to hold 6.5 million residents and is expected to open to its first civil servants later this year.
How much Egypt’s center of gravity shifts from Cairo to the new capital, 45 km from the Nile, is unclear. For many ordinary Egyptians, for whom the bustling city has been home for generations, the move and cost would be unthinkable.

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