Netanyahu could struggle to secure enough seats in parliament to stay in power

The final outcome will among other things determine the course of Israel’s relations with the Palestinians.

The Arab party, Raam, has not declared whether it will support the efforts of Mr Netanyahu — an unnatural ally — to form a government or those of the bloc opposed to him remaining in office.

Those parties have garnered 56 seats, according to the latest tally, and although backing from Raam could give them a sufficient number to form a government, they are fragmented and unlikely to be able to agree to work together.

If neither grouping can form a majority coalition, the country could face its fifth general election since April 2019. Israel’s electoral system, a form of proportional representation, makes it almost impossible for a single party to win an election outright.




Hi my name is Anna writing mainly about middle east Politics / Editor /Psychologist

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Hi my name is Anna writing mainly about middle east Politics / Editor /Psychologist

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